About Us

Passion Driven Solutions

Innovation, integrity and teamwork are the main drivers of what we do. Mykowell leverages on theses core values to deliver meaningful solutions that continuously improve customer performance in the oil industry.

Delivering Quality Solutions

Quality is the very foundation of our business. It is our key element to delivering value to our customers by understanding their requirements.
Mykowell is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality solutions and service. It is crucial for creating a sustainable competitive edge that will meet and supersede the needs of Mykowell customers and various stakeholders.

Our Key Services

  • A wide range of drilling and completion solutions
  • Engineered cable protectors and centralizers
  • Oil field laboratory test equipment

Drilling Solutions

Quality drilling and completion fluids additives and chemicals that optimizes performance and safety from the reservoir to the surface.

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Engineered Cable Protectors

Durable downhole cable protectors to safely convey and efficiently secure virtually any configuration of control lines or cables into or out of well-bores.

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Oil Field Test Equipment

Reliable oilfield related laboratory equipment for quality and consistency determination. Mykowell takes pride in assuring you the highest quality, most cost-effective product for the job .

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Waste Management

Effective technologies for managing drilling waste to reduce environmental risk while maximizing drilling efficiency.

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