Oil Field Laboratory Test Equipment

Filter Press

The MKW-FP18 Filter Press is essential to drilling fluid control and treatment. It is effective in determining filtration and wall cake-building properties of drilling fluids of intermediate pressure conditions.

LPLT Filter Press

The MKW-FP38 LPLT Filter Press is essential to drilling fluid control and treatment. It is effective in determining filtration and wall cake-building properties of drilling fluids. With a differential pressure of 0.69 MPa, this instrument is suitable for field and laboratory use. These low pressure low temperature (LPLT) filter presses have become the industry standard for low pressure low temperature filtration testing.

HPHT Filter Press

The MKW-FP58 HPHT Filter Press can be used to measure the filtration rate of drilling fluids and cement slurry under the condition of deep wells (high pressure high temperature - HPHT). This instrument simulates various downhole conditions and provides a reliable method for determining the effectiveness of the material being tested. This accurate and simple-to-use instrument is competitively priced and is very useful in a wide variety of applications like drilling fluids, drill-in fluids and completions.

Mud Balance

The MKW-MB Mud Balance is generally used to determine the mud weight or density of drilling fluids and other fluids. It has been widely applied in the oil fields, geological exploration and laboratories for analysis and measurements of fluid density. Mud weight can be measured in lb/gal, specific gravity (SG), lb/cu, psi/1000 ft.

Marsh Funnel Viscometer

The MKW-MFV Marsh Funnel Viscometer is an easy to use apparatus used to measure the viscosity of drilling fluids. The relative viscosity of the drilling fluid can be measured by this sturdy and heat resistant march funnel. Simply record the number of seconds required for a given volume of drilling fluid to pass through the marsh funnel.

Rotational Viscometer

The MKW-RV 6 Speed Rotational Viscometer is ideal for quickly determining viscosity. These viscometers are equipped for quality control, industrial, and laboratory viscosity tests along with comparative measurements according to recognized standards. Simple to use, the MKW-RV 6 Speed Rotational Viscometer provide low cost means for the accurate determination of viscosity by measuring the viscous drag of a liquid against a rotating spindle.

Sand Content Kit

The MKW-SC Sand Content Kit is a simple, accurate and inexpensive sieve analysis kit for measuring sand content of drilling fluids. The sand content of drilling fluids is defined as the percent ratio of the volume of sand which is unable to pass through the screen mesh. The test can be performed on low solids fluids as well as on weighted fluids. The kit consists of a special 200 mesh sieve 2-1/2" in diameter, fastened inside a collar upon either end of which fits a small funnel. This is used with the sand content tube.

Drilling Solutions

Quality drilling and completion fluids additives and chemicals that optimizes performance and safety from the reservoir to the surface.

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Engineered Cable Protectors

Durable downhole cable protectors to safely convey and efficiently secure virtually any configuration of control lines or cables into or out of well-bores.

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Oil Field Test Equipment

Reliable oilfield related laboratory equipment for quality and consistency determination. Mykowell takes pride in assuring you the highest quality, most cost-effective product for the job .

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Waste Management

Effective technologies for managing drilling waste to reduce environmental risk while maximizing drilling efficiency.

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